Let the lions roar no more

Just Sham It

Let the lions roar no more lest they be killed.

Let the lions roam home no more.

Release the lions, inculcate mass hysteria in the public, kill lions, use fear as an excuse to get rid of the park. Grab land. Build city. Make money that has watermarks of lions on it.

Let their roars be replaced by the roars of construction.

Let the public take selfies with the dead bodies of beautiful animals.

The Kenyan coat of arms has lions on it. Are they safe?

Slaughter the elephants. Rip out their teeth and sell them to the Far East.

Burn ivory. Burn away the evidence of atrocity. Make a great big show of it to the world. As if it has worked in the past.

Tear out the green lungs of Nairobi and replace them with industrial smoking chimneys.

Let the blue vein of Nairobi continue being poisoned by…

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