They Don’t Love you no More

Disclaimer though, I am not looking for trouble with anyone or any group, but there some things that I feel I must ask and some (all) might be offensive to one or two people, to them though, I throw a lot of freedom of expression and right to personal opinion arguments and if anything I say really gets to you, please lets debate it out in the comments like civil people, or send me an email or tweet or something, insults and whatnot don’t get very far.



I do not know how it all started, like most Kenyans, I only saw a clip of a Caucasian man pushing a nonchalant looking policewoman away from a landed helicopter. the clip i saw didn’t have much prologue or background to what had transpired before the alleged assault incident, but reports from the journos who were there (or supposed to, sometimes I think Kenyan reporters get their information in the same way most of us do, by furiously hashing it out on a keyboard and having 23 Tweetdeck tabs open) say that the helicopter had just landed and the pilot, Captain Alistair Patrick Llewelyn, was trying to keep curious Kenyans from getting dismembered by the aircraft’s propellers in their blind clamor to get a selfie with the machine that had brought their Deputy President to their quiet Nyandarua town.
Captain Alistair is an Australian pilot employed by Saker Resource Management Limited which was contracted by the company that owns the Airbus AS 350 helicopter, Kwale Island Development Limited to fly the Deputy President from Wilson airport in Nairobi to a fundraiser at a church in Nyandarua, Central Kenya. The victim in this story is a policewoman named Mercy Wandera a police corporal who had been posted to provide security for the event. She was pushed around and allegedly slapped though the investigation has been opened; shout out to inspector Joseph K. Boinnet for jumping on a case so quickly, apparently the Kenya Police can be pretty good at their job when they have eyes watching and its one of their own.

However, there are some burning questions I have that instead of letting stew and simmer in my head I am now going to throw out here so that maybe some other more knowledgeable netizen might answer or at least clarify.\

  1. Who was Ms Wandera texting that was soooo important? yes i realize that policemen and women have lives too but when one is in some lines of work I figure you cannot have the luxury to get completely engrossed in a cellphone and zone out to even children running past a helicopter en mass, the exact thing I’m sure she was posted there to do. bodyworn-794099_960_720
  2. The prevailing opinion is that the incident was fueled by a sense of white entitlement on Alistair’s part, but we’ve seen incidents of police officers getting clobbered in the
    , even laughed about it and made memes and videos. I admit to growing up in a generation that sees most uniformed officers as intimidation who use their power more often than not to get a little bit rounder. Seeing the timid small weird kid stand up to a big bad bully always gets my heart racing. So is it wrong to physically stand up to law enforcement?
    Can I (as normal citizen X) put my foot down and tell a police officer that “no sir this is bullshit and i will not be partaking of it today thank you.” and not get thrown in a cold stinky cell or worse still taken for a one way drive up to Ngong Hills? hqdefaultas a sub question, how good are KE police in hand to hand combat? I know the Recces and Presidential wing guys probably have some strange Krav Maga, FBI style training that probably makes them pretty bad ass, but what about all these other afandes, are they hiding behind their badges and guns or can they really throw down when needed?
  3. There have been calls that the guys standing around should have intervened and “manned up” to stop this gender based violence. Cooooommmmeee ooooonnnn its a police officer, arent they supposed to be the ones protecting us though? If theres a situation where an on duty police officer is in need of my help, then that will most definitely be a very defining moment in my life which i will probably see from afar. Very closely related to (2) above: what do those guys go to do in those nine months of police school if not learn how to defend themselves and others? Have the movies given me an unrealistic picture of what a police man or woman should be able to do very instinctively?
  4. police-officer-311858_960_720and this might sound very racist, but why is a foreigner the one flying the second most important person in this country? I’m happy it wasn’t some poor police airwing guy or Kenya Airforce pilot who was bullied into playing air Uber with the DP but is there such a shortage of indigenous pilots in the country? Or the top brass cannot entrust their lives to us proles?
  5. The helicopter, who owns it and who flies it? This might sound like mere udaku but honestly some of these companies sound just like shells for hiding assets amongst other things. It’s a bit of a push to make us believe that there are whole companies that charter flights and subcontract pilots every other day but only have one or two clients. Then again, with the amounts of money people play with in this country I could just be letting my Poor show. 128eb35c-90c6-4502-ad96-c3a0870e1834



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