Nairobi X Game Review

Nairobi X screenshotI came across a tweet hailing the launch of “Kenya’s Call of Duty” and the country’s first ever video game: though I’m sure depending on your definition of video game and Kenyan we probably have a few of those already but I digress. So what did the geek in me do? Some quick google-fu and social media research brought me to the Black Division Games YouTube channel where I saw this trailer.



I almost jizzed in my pants.

Nairobi X game loading screen

Nairobi X screenshot

The van was too small to write my full name

Nairobi X screenshot

Picasso has nothing on this laser canon dick graffiti

Review Summary


It’s Nairobi
Graphics are good enough
Fun, quick and challenging gameplay
Cool weapons available
Great story-line concept


Too much branding x3
No customization options
Steep learning curve for FPS newbies
Limited game environment


You can read the full first play review here


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