Stars, love and madness. Part 1

The mind is a beautiful thing. A complex network of neurons and other brain matter stuff that allow us humans to be so amazingly complex and unique. It’s been compared to the universe, millions and millions of stars in the

galaxy. Too many to count… or even know for sure that they exist. Countless. So vast that we can only be curious and conscious to our own little nook.

I like the comparison between the two. And also the parallels between them and the heart (not the biological one the one that people right love songs about is what I’m dealing with here). Now I am in no way an expert on biology, astrophysics nor psychology but I think all these: brain, galaxy and heart were built on the same blueprint.
They’re all infinite, in both their size and sheer capacity to have so much going on so much filling them up but never able to even hint at reaching half their limit’s.
They have so many neurons, so many stars and so many memories and emotions: ranging from the tiny rocks and comets are like brain tissue, lobes and parts of the brain have mundane thoughts and memories: stunning your toe or the birth of a child. All these, big and small in the same place existing at the same time.
One day we’ll send a man to Jupiter and he’ll step out of his space pod and awe at the experience of being on a planet that dwarfs ours. In the same way we have experiences that seem so important and epic at the time that make all our past joys and sadness look like tiny specks floating about in our psyche.
The paradox that objects can be so large from one point of reference, while at the same time bei


ng smaller than dust from another point of reference.
And I love how this infinity and complexity means that we did not, cannot and will not have the ability to use understand, nay, even be aware of the existence of some reaches of the galaxy, some far away cosmos, or a cluster of tissues responsible for some mundane bodily function, or even a life experience, a memory locked deep in our soul. Some of these are just too far away, light years and eons away from our physical capabilities, out of reach of our mental faculties and theories and philosophies. We can see a few, deduce the existence of many, but never truly know what is out there.

So does it mean we should stop trying to find out, to remember, to discover? Is there a moment in time when one should realise that their cup will never drain the ocean, no matter how hard they try? Is all futile and vain? Or is it the journey that we should look forward to? The process of experience, the small steps that we take be they in spaceships, MRI’s or meeting new people. Are we here for the final goal, that which has clearly proven to be unattainable? Or are we here for the journey, the experience so that others may take over from where we will stop and not be able to continue? Should we focus on making it, or being the stepping stone and foundation for others yet to come to explore these frontiers and conquer the vastness?


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