Love? The timeline…

In my opinion there are 3 forms of

1. Infatuation love– You just are in
a puppy love beginning of
relationship and love the
personality/looks of the person
you just started dating and want to
be around them often.

2. Then you fall into “probation”
love as I like to call it, you have
started to DEEPLY care for one
another, you think you know them
well, and you can see yourself
being with only them for the rest
of your life.

3. after some time you may or may
not have “tested” or “mature”
love, in which you have been
through hell and back, thick and
thin, and even when you argue and
want to pull out all your hair and
you just want to storm out, but you
know that you never would
because he IS your soulmate no
matter what. You think you KNOW
someone at the 2nd stage, but you
dont REALLY know someone until
you have been with them at least a
year (about the time people start
being completely comfortable and
voice their opinion on things they
used to keep quiet) or if you have
lived with them at least 6 months
you will know who they are, and
how they think…

So sure, you might deeply care for
this person, and sure, you can be
“in love” with him.. just remember
which love it is, and don’t try to
make it something that it isn’t,
take it slow and live each day at a
time. Two or three months of a ninja trying to show you only his good side really doesn’t cut it.

Good luck! And remember,
everyone ends up fighting/
disagreeing/wanting to leave.. but
you have to preservere.

That’s love.


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