social network gangster

So I’m just chilling around minding my own biz you
know how we do it hommie. Updating my Facebook
and tweeting my tweeps and my twiggaz when I see
I got a notification. First I thought maybe it be one of
my shawrtys hollering at me we hook up on chat 0or
something or my niggas wanting me to hook them up with one of my updates you know I’m the guy
whose got all this ish on lock, guaranteed to get at
least ten comments easy. Anyway, I check out what’s
popping. I see it be some negroe I don’t even know
who just commented on my photo saying something
like “That photo be tripping!!” Now if you know me I’m not one of those cats who
be going around flipping pout over stuff easily coz
hey, people get hurt when the ish hits the fan” but
this dude had caught a nerve. That was my fly-ass pic
that was my profile for like a week. This was some
serious disrespect dawg and I aint going to take it lightly.
So I in-boxed a couple of my goons and told them
what’s up and they all said they got my back. Now
this nigga was really going to get it!! I searched him
on twitter but the cat wasn’t up to that level, this guy
must still be in the seventies or something wearing MC-Hammer pants and ish. So I tried hollering on
MySpace but the cat had heard I was looking for him
so he done went and de-activated his account. But
you know when the Don got his eyes on you there’s
nowhere you can hide, so I waited. Sure as heck the
Negro updated his status, now i got him. I reached behind my jeans and whipped out my
phone, you know ish like this cant be done on
computer, you gotta keep it clean so the 50s don’t
see you. I think he kind of sensed what was coming
coz he liked his own status, a punk-ass sign of fear.
I gave it to him hard! NO MERCY!!! I even wrote in CAPS so that he know I aint playing. I was like “Nigga
you lucky I’m in a good mood today I just got thirty
mo followers or else I wouldn’t even be warning
your ass. You a punk dawg and what you doing
hating is a punk ass move. You better watch your
back hombre coz I’m coming for you, imma hit you with errythang I got!! When I’m done with you aint
no social networking site that’s gonna let you sign
up. Your ass gon be stuck sending texts or
Imma suggest to you so many gay-ass groups that
people will think you Justin Beiber. Hell ill even tag your punk-ass in some really annoying nonsensical
photos, lets ssee how you like it when all your seeing
is red…numbers on your screen. And if you even try
to hit back coz then we gone step it up a notch, we
gon fill up yo inbx with spam mail talking bout how
you got a surprise and ish and then you open the link BAAAAAM!!! You got a virus haaaalllllaaaaa.
And playa don’t even dream bout snitching to
admins and ish coz they on my payroll, you’ll just get
your ass blocked hommie. And if you think you’re
tough and you go crying to the big Z-Burg himself,
hell just give me a warning and then it’ll really be on dawg. You know I’m connected like that
#wooooord. And you know the worst thing is…when all this ish is
done, you chick is still going to friend request me
and soon her relationship status will change to “…is
Big-Geek’s shawrty” that’s whats up nigga!! THAT’S
WHATS UP!!! #straight gangsta!!!
Ps, I so had to right this when there were no lights!! Thanks KPLC you effing rock!!!!!!! NOT


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