my PTA ‘daddy’ experience

just from a PTA meeting (at my former school which is now my baby sisters school :p) and i swear i have grown old!! Its funny how you meet with people (read teachers) who used to bash you up and you thought they were the devil’s incarnate but now you find that they’ve shrunk and become dwarves…and even though you had sworn if you could you would have beaten the pulp out of them, now the feeling just aint there, you actually laugh and joke with them.
But it is kinda nice to hear how proud they are of you (super blush moment) although they kind of missed out on the part where you became a raging alchoholic and experimenting with almost every drug on the planet (except roophies, i’ve watched the hangover, i know you dont mess with that ish) but hey, nobody’s perfect *shoulder shrug*

Honestly this was a non-post, really didnt have jacksquat to say was just kind of rambling on and on and on and on…plus it was trying out a new client for wordpress so if youve actually slaved to read till this point then thegiu.


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