Vijana tujipende

Young people don’t love themselves! And that is a fact. Why do I say this? How do you explain a young girl, barely 20, staying in an abusive relationship just cause ‘she loves him’? Or the guy wko every Friday through to Sunday with a few midweek days thrown in just for good measure, drinks till he walks on his face. Or the guy who is going through female panties by the dozen, all unprotected, or the chuck who willingly goes to that 50 year old’s, with the mindart that ‘me ni mjanja I can’t be taken advantage of’

This might just sound like the perfect YOLO moments but think about them keenly, and I mean reeeeaaaaalllllllly think about it, does the short thrill make the risk worth it? Why invest so much capital for only a hint of returns? If you were to put your life on the line, why not do it for a worthwhile reason? Like giving your body up for live drug testing.

Mbishes and Ndongs need to wake up and start loving themselves coz at this rate, they wount live long enough to see their little mpumppies. Sometimes we need to weigh the options, think a bit beyond upr noses and balls and are that the future isn’t what will be plot for this weekend but months, years, and legacies after today. So if we throw away all we have for short term thrills what are we left with? Disease, unwanted babies, paraplegics and bodies. That will be our world, coz hey, you only live once right????


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