Touch my sister and you die!!!

Any man who touches a woman with nothing but love is a pussy, and that will forever be my stand. There’s no way anywone can explain to me or give me a reasonable reason for a man hitting a lady, no, never, none!!!

And I’m not saying this in order to get points or coz I’m going soft, I still am easy with a lo of things, having a random romp with an ethipoisb model-good
Hitting a lady-bad
Lying that you are a record producer to bed an aspiring singer whith a hot bod but crap vocals – evil, but okay
Grabbing and pulling a lady’s hair- still bad
The point is, there are some things that will be outgrown eventually and they probably can be forgiven if the wronged party is given enough time, but violence, physical violence on another human being, no scratch that, a human being that you claime to love, now that is an abomination, you deserve to be tied up and anally raped by a 200kg prisoner named Jonny who has a pubic hair pulling fantasy!

And if that lad happens to be my little sister, nigga ill be the one doing the hook up!


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