Men Will Rule The World For A Long Time

Now before FIDA and an irate mob of females starts making plans to lynch me, let me elaborate.

Men do not rule the world because they’re smarter, stronger, luckier or by God given right: on these and almost every other front, we are almost the same with the fairer sex. What separates us and why I can make such a bold statement albeit in hiding behind my laptop) is how we relate to our own.

Scenario one (and this just happened last night, but that’s a story for a different day)

I see my boy getting punched, I won’t ask what’s happening, I won’t think twice, I am jumping into that mix IMMEDIATELY!!! Later is maybe when I find out they were fighting over a peanut or some other mundane shit but the bottom line is that I have my bro’s back through thick and thin.

Scenario two

My boy brings over a female and introduces her as his new investment, no matter how hot she is, I know she’s off limits. Fuck the friend zone, this is immediate siz zone ASAP. Msichana wa bro hawezi guswa hata nini ifanyike.

Scenario three

I get a job or ish, just something that brings in a few stacks, my boys skia that story the first thing is to chocha we go drinks, and not in a gold-digger way coz at the end of the night everyone would have bought a couple rounds all in celebration of my achievement.

Lets now consider what a chick (and no I don’t say all of them but generally) would do in the same situations.


Walk away or just stand there and watch. Afterwards is when she’ll take you home and say sorry probably giving you consolation like “that chicks such a bitch!! Why was she hitting you now? And kwanza she’s ugly”

(However, on this point I know females that are ride or die, chicas who aren’t afraid to slug it out even with dudes; however they’re as common as an honest politician)


Chicks always hate they’re girlfriends new catch. It usually just boils down to pure jealousy, she just wants what you have, and trust me so many act on these feelings. How many dudes have played a chick with her best friend or even sister, not coz he’s a lying dog, but just coz enyewe amepakuliwa nyama kwa sahani, atakosa aje kukula??

And I choose to not even talk about three coz we all know the way women love killing their friends careers ama spreading rumors about how sijui who got the promotion coz she let the mdosi bust a nut.

so that’s where the big difference comes in, dudes actively TRY and help each other out. They’re wired  like that, but females, no matter how tight they seem to be, will always let that little hint of jealousy or malice creep in and sooner or later… CAAAAAAAAAAAAAATTTTTFIGHT!!!!

But I’m not thaaaaaaaaat myopic, i refuse to generalize issues that much. I know there are a lot of hardcore females: mamas that would do anything for their pall, those are the mamas I’ve decided to start chilling with from now on. And I know too that there are hordes of punk ass men that would pull a bitch move easier than a gay guy styling his hair. and those mu’ufuckers are the ones that will get what’s coming to them!!! and it isn’t pretty.

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